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Our Story

Wristful Life was born from over 12 years of making bracelets for friends and family. Those same people and strangers saying "How can I buy one of your bracelets?" and "Why don't you do this for a business? " My answer was always "I don't want to take away from the love of doing them. "


I was writing my book, doing my online talk show Koffee with Kim, and creating my courses to empower women. It dawned on me that making these for myself was one of the tools I used in my personal growth.

It was an anchor or gentle reminder that the meaning of the stone I was wearing, was what I was trying to implement in my life. In addition, it is a reminder that like the bracelet, that life is beautiful and had meaning. My life too is beautiful, meaningful and how grateful I am for what I was learning and growing from. You too sometimes need reminding that.....You deserve a beautiful, meaningful life full of gratitude.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to bring the beauty and meaning of natural elements of the earth to be used as a tool empower . At the same time giving back and making a difference in others lives while learning how to have gratitude in your life.  

Our Mission 

Our mission is to empower and bring awareness in using a bracelet as a tool in finding beauty, meaning and gratitude in your Life through a community of love, acceptance and growth

About Wristful LIfe

Hi!  My name is Kim

Kim Bassett


and I am a connector..

At least that is what is what I have been told by many people. Being with people, loving them, and meeting new people has always been something that brings me joy. I love learning about people and what they do, what they love, what they want and how I might support them.

As a wife of 35 years, mother of 6 (I gave birth to) and 3 more who are now married into the family and grandmother of 4, I love that our family continues to grow. I also have varied work experience in corporate, teaching, mentoring, author and serial entrepreneur, having owned and started companies.

Currently, I am a global communicator with an online talk show. Koffee with Kim LIVE that airs every 2 weeks. Check it out on Youtube. 

I was recently asked "How do you do it all?" My response was "I don't." I have the consistent practice of prioritizing and the love and passion of taking what I do, love, and want and aligning them together.

I would love for you to join me in one of our Q&A's or Bracelet Making Circles.

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Wristful Life


Why do you not make every bracelet?

In the 12 plus years of making bracelets one of the frequent comments I get is, "Kim, I wear your bracelets more than others I have... because it fits." Think about it... if your bracelet fits you will actually wear it.

Imagine being able to make your bracelet with friends and family?  Check out our weekly Bracelet Making Circles Zoom Live calls.  Reminder:  You have a membership portal with videos that also teach you.

Please note...We do offer ready made with size ranges for a fee. 

How do I know how much is going to the charity of my choice?

As we start I am guaranteeing 3%. I will do more as the numbers grow. So the best way for this to increase is to please share! In addition I will post monthly how much each charity received.

How soon will I receive my package?

I will work to keep this section up to date on the site as shipping changes daily with the times we live in. We ship 24-36 hours from receiving your order. Please be sure to check your spam if you do not see an email from us.

What does the dragonfly represent used packaging?

Dragonfly's, butterflies, bee's and humming birds are some of my favorite flying creatures. When I was biking this summer I had swarms of them around me it was a couple weeks later that I made the choice to start Wristful Life.  Dragonfly's symbol has many meaning but to keep it short.. HOPE - CHANGE - LOVE.

Other ways to work with Kim 

Step X Step - Coming April 2022

Have you ever tried to make changes in your life or business and you made progress then you stopped, then started again? Step X Step is a 5 day a week 5 min step to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. It is a FREE subscription but only for those who are ready to make the moves and subscribe. Coming February 2021.

Koffee with Kim

Click Here to Subscribe and Watch Koffee with Kim Live on YouTube

Koffee with Kim is my online Show where I have interviewed over 100 guests world wide. People of all interests convey what they do, love and want. They are celebrated and can connect with those who have what want what they have to offer.  Learn more at our website and click the link to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

CLX LIFE & Business - Late 2022

CLX LIfe & CLX Business is a resource for tools and systems to empower you to create and experience a LIfe and or Business you LOVE! Taking you from where you are Now to where you want to be! Programs Launching December 2022.