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Give the Gift of an Experience.

" ...This isn't just a box or bracelet its an experience!" - Marlies Pletschacher

Beautiful. Meaningful. Grateful

Wristful Life is a “make it yourself” (or we can make it) bracelet brand that focuses on our belief that you deserve to feel beautiful, to have a meaningful life, and you deserve to end each day full of gratitude.

Giving Back is also a core value of our company. Monthly, we support many organizations that are making an impact in their communities and globally.

Our bracelets are mostly natural stones and crystals. Our boxes are filled with items that will uplift your spirit and our community and membership site is filled with digital resources to support our 3 founding words. Beautiful, Meaningful & Grateful!

Start Your Wristful LIfe NOW!!

You are Beautiful, You have Meaning and we are Grateful you are here!

If you are looking for a community where you feel beautiful, have more meaning and feel more gratitude in your life? Then this is the place for you!

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Wristful Life - Welcome

Here is how it works!

Step 1: Choose Annual Subscription or Shop Wristful Products

When you choose Wristful Subscription You will be choosing to receive a monthly box that includes a membership.

Wristful Life is more than just a bracelet subscription we want you to have a place to be inspired to experience the beauty, meaning and gratitude of your life.

Choosing Shop Wristful Products you can still enjoy giving the gift of a bracelet or gift box for you and or others for a one time purchase.

More products will be coming over the months.

Step 2: Choose the cause you decide to support.

Choosing a cause to support is a gift you give to someone that will benefit from your generosity. These natural stones have Meaning just like your life and the life you will impact by your subscription or purchase.

Learn about our Give Back Partners

Final Step

Membership gifts continue to grow. You will have many opportunities to be on the inside of products coming out, training and extra gifts, and so much more. Because ....You deserve a life that is Beautiful, Meaningful and full of Gratitude. My way of passing it forward.


Sample Gift Box

One time purchase

"This box has the same great items of our subscription with the choice of donation and choice of bracelet.  The difference is, there is no access to the valuable downloads that are unique to that months subscription.  Worth way more than the price of subscription."


Bracelet Only Box

One time purchase

Choose between 2 beautiful bracelets.



Emily Bassett

“I absolutely love Kim’s bracelets and the fact that each one is unique to you. I have quite the collection going and each one means something different to me. My favorite is doing matching bracelets with my daughter and seeing her little face light up. It makes her feel so special too!”

Ann Smallman

"My Writstful Life bracelet means so much to me. Every time I look at it, I'm reminded of the loving friend who gave it to me. I love the bracelet's look, and what I really like is how silky smooth the natural beads feel on my wrist. The bracelet is so soothing; I'm grateful to my friend for this gift every day!"


Tara Howard

"I love my bracelets! I used to not like to wear bracelets but these are so comfortable I wear them everyday. They are high quality and fit my small wrist perfectly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.".

Jenna Farhney

"Kim designs the finest beaded bracelets. They are so high quality and always fit like a glove. I love my blue bracelet stack because they remind me of my Nana who loved the ocean. These are so much more than just a bracket!"

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Are you someone who would like to make a difference in the world? Are you someone who knows deep inside that its time for you to take care of you so you can take care of those you love? Wristful LIfe is more than a subscription box. Its a place to potentially start experiencing the beginning of a beautiful, meaningful life, full of gratitude.

We respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with us.

"You deserve a Life that is Beautiful, Meaningful and full of Gratitude."